Depending on your system (Linux or Windows) and how you intend to use Fesslix (latest version, code development, 'stable' version), you can choose different ways of installing the code. If you would like to extend Fesslix or otherwise modify the source code, please go to the Development section. It is recommended to use Fesslix under Linux since this guarantees that the full functionality of the software is available. For the use with Windows, some features are currently not available. In general, this is mainly a problem of compilation and linkage of the Fesslix-executable. If you have the patience to try, you might come up with remedies. If so, please let me know; such that all Windows-users can benefit from your work.

Installation under Linux

Pre-build packages of Fesslix are available for Ubuntu. For other Linux distributions, Fesslix needs to be build from source.

Installation under Windows

An executable of Fesslix is provided for download. However, the binary file is only updated once in a while and might not contain the latest features of Fesslix. – Home  |  Contact  |  Impressum  |  © 2015-2017 Wolfgang Betz