FlxVi is an editor for Fesslix. It is controlled using the Keyboard. This editor is currently only available for Linux based operating systems.


The editor can be in one of the following three modes:

  • main-mode
  • log-mode (view the log)
  • input-mode (input commands)

Commands in Main-Mode

This is the initial mode you are in, if you start FlxVi.

  • i
    switch to input-mode
  • l
    switch to log-mode
  • q
    quit Fesslix
  • q!
    quit Fesslix immediately

Commands in Log-Mode

  • q
    switch to main-mode

Use the cursor keys up and down and the page keys next and previous to view the log.

Commands in Input-Mode

  • ESC
    switch to main-mode

Type in a command and execute it using the enter-key. Using the up and down cursor keys, you can browse the history of recent commands.

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