Installation of Fesslix in Windows

Fesslix (64-bit) installer for Windows

Version: trunk.1429-41

This installer contains the following Fesslix-libraries: rnd, bayup, Matlab, python, fem, ssfem, rsm, stat, flxbn, dyna, flxhydro, and client.

The executable was compiled with GSL-support but without ARpack-support.

NOTE: Before installing Fesslix on Windows it is essential to download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 from

Required dependencies of Fesslix-libraries

The dependencies mentioned in the following are not required to run Fesslix. However, if you want to use a library that requires additional dependencies, you have to ensure that the associated dependencies of the respective library are met before you use the library.


In order to use the Python-interface of Fesslix, you must have version 2.7 of Python installed. You can download it from Make sure to install the 64-bit version of Python 2.7!


In order to employ the Matlab interface of Fesslix, you need a 64bit version of Matlab installed (including a valid licence).


In order to communicate with a Fesslix Server you need to install OpenSSL. You can download a working 64-bit version from:

Useful tools


Notepad++ is a free editor. You can download it from

The standard Windows editor (Notepad) has problems if a file was originally generated in Linux: It cannot cope with the line endings in such files. If you try to open a Fesslix parameter file that was generated in Linux with Notepad, you will only see a mess.

Therefore, we recommend to work with Notepad++ instead. – Home  |  Contact  |  Impressum  |  © 2015-2017 Wolfgang Betz