Install pre-build package of Fesslix in Ubuntu

Supported operating systems

deb-packages are available for all currently supported Ubuntu versions.

1   Add package archive

The pre-build packages are hosted on Launchpad. To add the Fesslix package archive to your Software Sources you have to execute the following commands:

Terminal (as root)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:wbetz/fesslix-trunk
sudo aptitude update

2   Install Fesslix

In order to install the kernel of Fesslix, please execute:

Terminal (as root)

sudo aptitude install fesslix

3   Install additional libraries

The core functionality of Fesslix can be extended by means of libraries. A library in this context is essentially a plug-in that provides additional features and, thus, extents the capabilities of the core-application. Available pre-build libraries for Ubuntu that have to be installed separately are:

package name description
fesslix-fem finite element support for Fesslix
fesslix-ssfem spectral stochastic finite elements
fesslix-octave Octave interface
fesslix-python Python interface
fesslix-stat statistics of realizations of random vectors
fesslix-flxbn Bayesian networks
fesslix-rsm response surface methods
fesslix-dyna dynamic sctructural models
fesslix-flxhydro simple hydrological models

4   Install FlxVi

To install FlxVi, please execute:

Terminal (as root)

sudo aptitude install fesslix-flxvi

5   Install header files of Fesslix

Header files of Fesslix are required if libraries that extend the functionality of Fesslix are to be developed. To install the required header files, please execute:

Terminal (as root)

sudo aptitude install fesslix-headers – Home  |  Contact  |  Impressum  |  © 2015-2017 Wolfgang Betz