Development guidelines

This page describes some development guidelines that all developers of Fesslix should try to abide.


You should compile Fesslix with the compile-option CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS set to -Wall, and try to fix all uttered warnings.


In Fesslix there exist different types of errors:

  • FlxException
    Most general type of error. Causes Fesslix to terminate.
  • FlxException_NotImplemented
    The requested feature has not yet been implemented. Causes Fesslix to terminate.
  • FlxException_NeglectInInteractive
    If this error occurs in interactive input mode (see the Fesslix Users's Guide for more information), Fesslix will not be terminated. However, the execution of the current sequence of commands will be terminated. If Fesslix is not in interactive input mode (see the Fesslix Users's Guide for more information) while this error occurs, Fesslix is terminated.

Certain conditions have to be fulfilled for an error to be raised as FlxException_NeglectInInteractive:

  • The error must either be related
    • to a function task of an object derived from FlxObjBase, or
    • to a function read of an object derived from FlxObjReadBase.
  • Any possibilities of inconsistencies due to this error must be ruled out.
  • The error must not cause any memory leaks. – Home  |  Contact  |  Impressum  |  © 2015-2017 Wolfgang Betz