Contribute Code

Fesslix uses the version control system Bazaar to mange the source code and keep track of changes. The source code of Fesslix is hosted on Launchpad (

General comments

In order to directly upload code of Fesslix to the Launchpad platform, you must have set up your Launchpad-login properly. This requires a SSH-key (Launchpad SSH-key).

Fesslix-branch: trunk

The trunk-branch is the main development branch of Fesslix on Launchpad. If you want to contribute to the development of Fesslix, please Contact the main developer Wolfgang Betz.

Publishing changes

Step 0: run the tests

Please make sure that all tests complete successfully: Regression Tests.

Step 1: update version information

In the file flxversion.h please update the lines

update header file flxversion.h

Step 2: commit your changes

Commit your changes with Bazaar.

Step 3: upload changes

If you have authorization to publish changes in the Launchpad-branch, you can upload your changes to Launchpad using the following commands (replacing wbetz with your username):

bzr launchpad-login wbetz
bzr push lp:~wbetz/fesslix/trunk

other branches ...

All branches that are related to Fesslix are listed here ....

If you want to contribute code to one of these branches, click on it in order to obtain the push command; e.g. for flx_testing:


bzr push lp:~wbetz/fesslix/flx_testing). – Home  |  Contact  |  Impressum  |  © 2015-2017 Wolfgang Betz