Fesslix – Stochastic Analysis

Fesslix is a Free Software program for stochastic analysis. The source code is available free of charge under the Free Software GPL license. Fesslix is developed by Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Betz who works at the Engineering Risk Analysis Group at TU München.

A brief summary of the main features of Fesslix
  • Perform non-intrusive reliability analysis or Bayesian updating either
    • by expressing problems directly in Fesslix
    • by means of an Octave/Matlab interface
    • by means of a Python interface
    • by linking external applications/libraries to Fesslix
      • through a C++ or Fortran interface
      • through running commands on the command line
  • Flexible input language for writing Fesslix parameter files
    • control flow statements (e.g. if, for, while)
    • most parameters can be defined as functions
  • Extensible by means of modules
    • examples of modules available by default:
      • Linear finite element analysis using truss, beam and plane stress/strain elements
      • Bayesian networks
      • Working with response surfaces
      • Spectral Stochastic Finite Elements
    • users can write their own modules
  • You can use Fesslix as a library and embed it in your own software

Project at a Glance

Are you new to Fesslix and are you interested in its functionality and the available features? If so, the first step for you will probably be to install the code. In a next step you should try to execute one of the Tutorials. Fesslix comes with its own syntax for writing parameter-files; the syntax is documented in the Fesslix User's Guide. If you run into problems using or installing Fesslix, please do not hesitate to ask for Support. The first place to go is the Mailing list of Fesslix. If you encountered a potential bug, please file a bug report. In case you are interested in contributing to the development of Fesslix, you should read the information provided on the Development-page.

Supported Platforms

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