Information to provide when asking for support

If you have a problem with Fesslix or encountered an error, you might wish to contact the Mailing list or Report Bugs. It is much easier to support you, if you provide information about your Fesslix-configuration, Fesslix-compilation and your system.

This page provides information about how to support the support ;) ... the rules are described in the following sections:

Executing Fesslix

Please run Fesslix with the options:

Configuration options



fesslix FILE.flx --log.level=4 --log.options=yes --log.file=log.txt

Attaching Files

Please attach your parameter file (e.g. FILE.flx) and the log-file (e.g. flx.log).

Try to condense the parameter file as much as possible. A long and complex parameter file does not look very motivating.

If you want to get a fast answer, you should help other people to trace your problem easily.

Information about your System

Please tell us if you work under Windows (which version?) or under Linux.

If you work with Linux, please attach the output of the following commands:

lsb_release -a
uname -r
cat /proc/cpuinfo – Home  |  Contact  |  Impressum  |  © 2015-2017 Wolfgang Betz